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Youth Basketball, Done Right!

Welcome to Yellow Brick Basketball

My name is Ryan Krueger

I coached basketball full time at every level for 19 years. Ive been an NBA assistant, an NBA G League head coach, a D1 coach at the high, mid & low levels and a HS coach.

The logos below are great and all, but that's not why you want your child in Yellow Brick Basketball. Taking the right approach, playing the long game by building skills and building confidence are our top priorities every session.

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Our next sessions will take place in the fall (mid-October). We will be offering clinics year round for preschoolers (3.5 yrs old) through 5th graders.We do anticipate continued high demand for our clinics next season. It is recommended that you click below to join our advanced notification list and find out first when enrollment opens for sessions in the fall of 2023. 


  • 3 seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring)

  • 18 sessions

  • Every season, every session, 100% completely sold out

Thank You

As we close out year one, all we can say here at Yellow Brick Basketball is thank you.

Thank you to the 145 families who joined our program.

Thank you to the 125 new families already enrolled on our 'early notification' list to be a part of the program next year.

Thank you to the 70% of families who enjoyed it so much they re-enrolled.

Thank you for the amazing reviews and for all the recommendations.

Thank you to the amazing families who make it so enjoyable for our staff.

Thank you to the sweet, adorable kids who make this program what it is.

We are humbled and incredibly appreciative of you. We can't wait for year 2!

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"Kroogs" on his soapbox...

Coaching at every level of the game in my career, I often believed that coaches were prioritizing the wrong things. Never have I believed this more than when I watch the game taught to our youngest players. There's a place for competition and winning and scholarships. But it's NOT in elementary school. That's why we prioritize fun, skills & confidence. A kid having fun and improving their skills is a confident kid excited to continue on in the sport. The goal of our 'youth clinics' is to build interest, skills and confidence in the game, not NBA/WNBA lottery picks.

That comes later...


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